Sunday, 4 May 2014

'Hegarty On Creativity - There Are No Rules'

John Hegarty is one of the world’s most famous advertising creatives. He’s spent more than 40 years working on some of the biggest and most successful advertising campaigns out there – such as the Levi’s ‘launderette’ ads and the Audi ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ campaign. So why wouldn’t you want a few tips from him?

In his new book, Hegarty on Creativity: There Are No Rules (Thames & Hudson), Hegarty offers 50 insights into how to effectively communicate your ideas in the most creative ways possible. With pages titled everything from ‘Zag’ to ‘Hubris’, these are quick snapshots into the best ways to kick start your own work in the right direction.

The book itself is also a lovely little product. A pocket-sized hardback, it’s illustrated by Hegarty himself, and laid out in a sensibly simple format.

John Hegarty is in Bristol this coming Wednesday (7 May) with the Festival of Ideas. While the event is sold out, contact the venue (Watershed) for returns. Click here formore information.

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