Sunday, 25 February 2018

My new book!

Tomorrow (February 26) sees the publication of my new book The Women Who Built Bristol (Tangent Books), which is a fundraising project for the charity Bristol Women's Voice. I'm really chuffed with the finished book - it was so much hard work but now having the actual book back makes it so worthwhile.

Containing 250 inspiring women, three sheroic dogs and one heartbroken barmaid from Easton. The Women Who Built Bristol is a bursting compendium of brilliant women who helped to shape Bristol into the vibrant city it is today. From pin makers to police chiefs, from workhouse inmates to lord mayors, this book shows that Bristol was built by women. Also contains 30 brand new illustrations. 

“Jane Duffus and fellow contributors of The Women Who Built Bristol introduce us to a glorious and eclectic set of women who are linked to Bristol. This a wonderful reminder of the texture of women’s lives and their influence in every sphere – something historical accounts often forget. A great initiative from Bristol Women’s Voice, I hope other cities also follow suit.”
Helen Pankhurst; granddaughter of Sylvia and great-granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst

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