Tuesday, 23 June 2015

'Get It Together' by Zoe Williams

In her typically enjoyable no-nonsense, forthright stance, Guardian writer Zoe Williams tackles exactly where society is going wrong in her new book Get It Together.

Why can’t you buy a house? Will your kids be able to afford to go to university? Has the NHS had its day? Does poverty still exist? Is it too late to avoid the apocalypse? Who got us into this mess anyway?

Zoe urges her readers to take matters into their own hands, and not wait for the powers that be to prevaricate and then mess it up anyway. “Irresistible power is when we all start going in the same direction,” she says, and I agree. 

As Zoe points out, we live in a country where many working families still don’t have enough income to pay for their basic accommodation, food and living needs. And that’s a seriously messed up situation. We need to cling on to our NHS and our service providers, no matter how hard the government tries to snatch them away from us in the name of ‘The Cuts’. And we need to do something about the terrible fact that the richest 100 people in Britain have as much wealth as the poorest 30% combined. 

The sum message of Get It Together is that Zoe believes we have the power to turn the situation around, so long as we work as one for our collective goals. And her book is a damn good example of why this is and how we get started.

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