Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Running For Cover

Getting motivated to run during the horrific storms of the past few weeks (months?) has been hard work, and I've only been averaging two outside runs a week... and even those have been a struggle. Whoever said running in the rain was exhilarating was clearly the same person who said that wholewheat pasta was delicious.

But I'm determined to keep going. Because I know from past experience that if I allow myself to miss a planned run, then I'll very quickly give up altogether. But running in the wind and rain has been miserable.

Which was why today's run was fantastic and a real breakthrough for me - physically and mentally. Today, I managed to get out while the rain held off and the wind was down. 

So although it would be stretching the truth to say the sun was shining and the birds were singing, I did still manage to run without also battling the elements. And I'm sure that contributed to me achieving my fastest and longest run of 2014 to date. I would almost go so far as to say that I enjoyed some of it! Whatever happened, I felt really pumped afterwards and ready for the next one.

There are now just over two weeks until my first official race for eight years. It's only a 5km, which doesn't sound much but I know it'll push me. It's off-road and on hilly, uneven ground. Plus I'm out of practice with running as part of a big group. But it will be an important milestone for me mentally. I know I can physically run it, now I just need to prove to myself I can mentally run it. As the next race after that will be the Bristol 10k in May. 

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