Friday 17 January 2014

Bristol Bad Film Club

The first rule of Bristol Bad Film Club is… you immediately go home and download the greatest hits of Dragon Sound. All two songs.

I went to my first Bristol Bad Film Club event last night and had the best time. The premise of Bad Film Club is pretty simple, they screen joyously bad films so that we can all revel in the poor acting, baffling scripts, random sub plots and fun fashion.

And this is a concept that has spiralled, last night’s screening of Miami Connection was only their fifth event, but commanded a dedicated audience of 180 who packed out a central Bristol venue to drink, cheer and laugh their way through this 1987 ‘classic’ about gangs of motorbike-riding ninjas who are fighting to defend their band Dragon Sound’s regular spot at the local nightclub. Throw in the fact the ninjas are all orphans who live in a house together and never wear shirts, and you’ve got Christmas.

Timon and Tim set up Bristol Bad Film Club to share their love of the most terrible movies ever committed to celluloid. They’re not doing this to make money – in fact, all profits from every screening go to a selected charity. They’re just doing this because they love bad films. Which makes it even more fun.

The next screening is The Room, on 20February, at Bristol Cathedral Choir School. Dubbed “The Citizen Kane of bad movies”, The Room is “A movie so bad, so inept, so unbelievably painful, it’s almost impossible to comprehend anyone thought it would be great on-screen…” (according to Felix Vasquez Jr  at Cinema Crazed).

See you there!

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